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How Yaroslavl Heals

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv. Photo via asksiberia.com

It seems that so many people have no idea what the hockey community lost on September 7, 2011.  It seems like I barely saw anything mentioned on ESPN, which was just down right disrespectful.  Many so-called “sports junkies” know nothing, and care not at all.  The hockey community, and the sports world, lost many prominent and elite athletes.  Many of these players had lots of NHL experience.  They were all sons, some were fathers and husbands, some were still teenage kids.  It was a tragedy that needs to be remembered.  I came across this article  from the National Post, written by Denis Gibbons, that gives us insight into the rebuilding initiative, how Yaroslavl is healing, and the problems that are still trying to be solved from the accident.  If you have time today, give it a read.  It is a good sobering reminder of what we all lost.

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