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Red vs Oilers Post Game Recap: Putting on the Whoopin’

He's Back! Photo from Yahoo Sports

Now that is more like it!  The Wings came away with a good win and reminded the Oilers what it is really like to play a team that is motivated to kick some tail, except for that one lapse after the hit on Cleary.  They did that tonight and remain on the top of the Central Division and Western Conference.  Ericsson actually played a good game, except for one big mistake that resulted in the first Gagner goal, but other than that, he was a beast.  Miller continues to defy expectations and has 11 on the year, already passing his career best and we have a lot of hockey left in the season.  Zetterberg also looked back to normal, finally getting his first goal in who knows how long.  MacDonald didn’t have to be spectacular tonight, but still got the job done.  Period recaps below.

1st Period:

The first period was an interesting and strange affair.  5 SOG for the Wings and only 4 for the Oil, and that included a 5-3 opportunity for the Oilers that lasted for over a minute.  Franzen scored his 2nd PPG in 2 games on a redirect from Ian White’s shot.  I did notice that the power play is still kind of predictable.  Lots of shots from the point that get blocked and never make it to the net.  Hopefully this is a sign that things turn around.  Our PK was awesome tonight and only allowed 1 goal in 7 attempts, especially on the 5 on 3.  Edmonton has the 2nd best power play in the league, and they were held in check tonight.  Even with only 5 SOG, we got a lot of good opportunities where a defenseman would just barely get his stick on the puck to stop a for sure goal, or we would whiff on a shot.  Abdelkader showed that he is not afraid to drop the gloves, and I think that is starting to spread the word that Detroit is not a push over.  Our goalie will even fight you! 

The penalty on Stuart was crap.  The guy clearly turned his body after he saw Stuart about to drill him. 

Scoring Summary

DET: Johan Franzen (21) PPG- 13:18

Penalty Summary

EDM: Ryan Jones- Fighting- 06:03

DET: Justin Abdelkader- Fighting- 06:03

DET: Justin Abkelkader- Cross Checking- 06:03

EDM: Eric Belanger- Holding the Stick- 12:10

DET: Corey Emmerton- Holding- 15:27

DET: Brad Stuart- Boarding- 16:13

2nd Period:

Things looked a lot better in the 2nd.  We peppered Nicolai with shot after shot (15) and generally controlled the flow of the game.    Emmerton got a nice Johnny on the Spot goal after Abdelkader made a strong push to the net.  He has really played well lately too, and made a heck of a block on a lazer shot in the 1st Period.  The only mental lapse came when Cleary got checked cleanly into the boards and the door happened to come open, appearing that he had been hit into an open bench.  Ericsson took offense. Gagner Scored.  End of that story. 

Holmstrom had another reputation penalty.  Right in front of the referee, Tomas gets shoved into Khabibulin, and ole Nicolai gets knocked over.  Holmstrom was pretty upset about the call and was letting the ref know it too, and I think he came close to getting another call.

Bertuzzi got caught for too many men on the ice away from a play, and the event did not  look  any differenty from any other change.  So, I disagree with that one too.

Scoring Summary

DET: Corey Emmerton (6)- 08:23

EDM: Sam Gagner (12)- 11:08

Penalty Summary

EDM: Ladislav Smid- Tripping- 05:11

EDM: Eric Belanger- Boarding- 14:17

DET: Tomas Holmstrom- Goalie Interference 15:29

DET: Todd Bertuzzi- Too Many Men on Ice- 18:34

3rd Period:

Well I didn’t get to watch much of the 3rd except for about the first two minutes.  Don’t worry, I am not uncommitted just unexpectedly fell asleep…sorry.  Sam Gagnerscored…again.  When does he not score anymore?  I did see the replays and Miller and Z’s goals looked pretty good.

Scoring Summary

EDM: Sam Gagner (13)- 08:23

DET: Drew Miller (11)- 10:46

DET: Henrik Zetterberg (10)- 14:44

Penalty Summary

EDM: Alex Hemsky- Tripping- 03:13

DET: Justin Abdelkader- Tripping- 07:13

DET: Ian White- Tripping- 15:42

All in all, it was a good game and it was one where I wasn’t frustrated too often.  In the Phoenix and Edmonton game on Saturday, I was pretty upset the whole game.  Not tonight though.  Let the swag continue.

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