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A Night for Retribution

Icing on the Cake, Photo courtesy of MSN Fox Sports

Tonight the Wings are back home to face off against the Edmonton Oilers, the second meeting between the two teams in 4 days.  Saturday night, the Oilers came out ahead after a wild third period, which saw the Wings score three goal only to lose it in a shootout.  Nugent-Hopkins is out tonight for the Oilers, so one of their scoring threats is not going to be a problem.  This team shouldn’t even be a problem, but if we only skate for 20 minutes, then they will be.

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Tonight the Wings hope to avenge the loss Saturday night to the Edmonton Oilers who sit at the bottom of the Northwest Division with only 47 Points in 53 games, while the Wings still lead the Central with 72 points in 54 games.  The Predators trail by only 3 points with out a game in hand.  Tonight’s points are crucial if the Wings want to keep the cushion they have in the Central and continue to push for home ice advantage come playoff time.  In terms of the Western Conference, the Canucks are only a mere 1 point behind with 1 game in hand, so it goes without saying that tonight is a must win to maintain the lead in the West as the Canucks play the Wild tomorrow night, and the Flames on Saturday.

The Wings will still be without Jimmy, but at leat we don’t have to worry about Conks possibly playing like Carey Price in the shootout competition at the All-Star game (If you didn’t see it, he did it backwards).  Brad Stuart should be back in the lineup as the real back up goal tender after having a stint with the flu, which kept him out of Monday’s game versus the Yotes.  Dan Cleary is still uncertain, but I’ll update as soon as I find something out.  I’m a teacher, so I’ll have only a small window during my planning time to do so.

The Wings were able to score only one measly goal and gave up a shorty and PP goal against the Coyotes Monday night, which sucked.  I dont’ know if it was the ice or what, but “they were trippin’ over themselves like babes in the wood,” terrible passes, sloppy puck handling, and just overall lackadaisical effort, which is in part why there was no post game write-up… I can be lazy too I guess.

The Oilers will be without Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with a shoulder injury, so that is a good thing for us.  They have called up Magnus Paajarvi from OKC according to the Hockey News this morning.  Hopefully Gagner has cooled off a bit and doesn’t score 10,000 points in a single night again, but then again, we are not the Blackhawks.

Hopefully we get to see this tonight... Photo Courtesy of MSN Fox Sports

Tonight, I am expecting the Wings to come out flying.  Hopefully Babs has lit a fire under their butts to get them rolling again.  I’m thinking Datsyuk assists on a Franzen PP Goal, Flip gets another goal from Z, and if Cleary plays, he and Drew Miller will connect to net a 3rd.  Joey Mac will probably let in one softie, and I pray to God that there is not a crappy short handed goal given up.

On WIIM Radio, they mentioned how predictable our Power Play has been and I agree whole heartedly.  Datysuk hangs around the boards, waiting for someone to get open, when we all know he can probably take it in himself like he did against St. Louis.  Also, hopefully we can get some point shots

through because it seems like those either get blocked, or hit the goaltender right smack in the chest.  They’ve had some time to think about how horrid the power play has been, so they should fix what is obviously not working right.

So tonight boys, revenge is yours for the taking.  In the words of Patton, “Grab them by the nose, then kick ’em in the ass!”  Just get it done.

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